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Commitment to Member Leagues

CalSPAC’s relationship with our Member Leagues is vital to the success of our organization. 

A Member League’s Commitment to CalSPAC

  • Provide financial support in the way of League and CalSPAC conference fees and set any relevant policy for management of finances

  • Provide Junior League project information to CalSPAC

  • Read CalSPAC reports and respond to surveys in a timely manner

  • Provide time for CalSPAC representatives to bring back information from CalSPAC  (ex. GMMs, BOD meetings)

  • Stay connected and communicate with CalSPAC delegates and CalSPAC leadership

Member League Presidents / President-Elects are responsible for providing CalSPAC with:                

  • Responses to questionnaires, mailings in a timely manner

  • Support, Oversight, Communication

  • Financial support in the way of League and CalSPAC conference fees

  • Junior League time to focus on CalSPAC’s legislative action

  • Informed delegates

  • Time for CalSPAC representatives to bring back information from CalSPAC

  • Attendance and participation at joint meetings and/or discussions


CalSPAC’s Commitment to Member Leagues

  • Follow Junior League direction for policy based on information provided about projects, mission, and issue focus areas

  • Manage resources, including management of financial resources and reporting on expenditures

  • Orient, support, and motivate delegates

  • Act as a clearinghouse of information and funnel information to Junior League leadership and members

  • Maintain communication with Junior League leadership

  • Is responsible for the oversight of legislation

  • CalSPAC maintains operational authority and implements operating procedures

The CalSPAC Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Information sharing among the Junior Leagues

  • Communication with the Junior League Presidents and Presidents-Elect

  • Periodic reaffirmation of policy with the Junior Leagues

  • Coordination of the implementation of policy

  • Coordination of resource management, including financial management within set guidelines

  • Oversight and coordination of the implementation of the CalSPAC strategic plan

  • Orientation, support and motivation of delegates

  • Ensuring all policy decisions reflect Junior League projects, mission, position statement of focus areas

  • Oversight of the progress of legislation

  • Supervision of ad-hoc committees and coalitions (as needed)

  • Preparation of CalSPAC information for Junior League communication media

  • Maintenance of CalSPAC records

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