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Supported Legislation

2024 Legislative Session 

Bills that our CalSPAC Delegation has voted to support


AB 1961

Establish Task Force to End Hunger California Act

AB 1968

CalFresh Enrollment

AB 2129

Women's Access to Postpartum to Long Acting Contraception

AB 2229

Menstrual Health in Grades 7-12

AB 2446

Medi-Cal: diapers

SB 953

Medi-Cal Adds Menstrual Products to Covered Benefits

SB 954

Sexual health: contraceptives


AB 1575

Public postsecondary education: students codes of conduct: advisers

AB 1913

Pupil safety: child abuse prevention: training

Family Support

AB 1974

Family Conciliation Courts: Risks on Access to Firearms: Training

AB 2802

Transitional housing placement providers

SB 1187

Housing programs: Tribal Housing Reconstitution and Resiliency Act

Violence Prevention

​AB 2024

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

AB 2587

Adult Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations

SB 989

Domestic violence: deaths

SB 1394

Violence Prevention: DV Survivors: Vehicle Technology

Anti-Human Trafficking

AB 1913
Pupil Safety: Child Abuse Prevention: Training

AB 1966

Human trafficking: notice: primary ticket sellers

AB 2020

Survivors of Human Trafficking Support Act

SB 933

Crimes for Child Pornography to Include AI

2023 Legislative Session 

Bills supported by CalSPAC signed into law by Governor Newsom

AB 230

Menstrual products: Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2021

SB 691

Dyslexia risk screening

Family Support
AB 899

Food safety: infant formula and baby food

AB 1701

Black infant health: California Perinatal Equity Initiative

Violence Prevention

AB 479

Alternative domestic violence program

SB 290

Domestic violence documentation: victim access

SB 603

Children’s advocacy centers: recordings

Anti-Human Trafficking

AB 1394
Commercial sexual exploitation: civil actions

SB 558

Civil actions: childhood sexual abuse

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