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Legislative Priorities

All CalSPAC advocacy efforts are targeted to legislation within the following five Focus Areas, which reflect the Focus Areas of the 17 member Junior Leagues of California. Please refer to our Position Statements on these Focus Areas below.


CalSPAC supports policies and initiatives that improve access to quality health care and prevention programs aimed at the improvement of mental and physical health in communities around California.

CalSPAC is committed to the boundless potential of California’s youth and works to ensure their access to educational opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, that increase achievement, and lead to workplace marketability.

Family Support
CalSPAC believes that there is a critical need for attention to the needs of all California families and advances programs and policies that promote their physical and emotional engagement and well-being.

Violence Prevention

CalSPAC seeks to increase awareness of the impact of violence in California communities and champions policies that strive to decrease violence through prevention, intervention, and education.

Anti-Human Trafficking
CalSPAC is committed to ending human trafficking in all its forms. CalSPAC supports policies and programs that stop human trafficking, advocate for victims, and educate the community at large.

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