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Advocacy Training Modules -
Bringing CalSPAC Home

These presentations may serve as template materials to use in your next GMM, League Board presentation, or at a Committee or Subcommittee meeting as train-the-trainer content. These slides can be modified based on your audience and how long you have to present. Please consider the times presented as an on average calculation, however this may differ based on speaking style and use of materials.

SPACtivity worksheets can help guide your personal development, knowledge, and understanding of the legislative process, and can help you start to personally engage in this process. These can be used as part of your own self development, in tandem with presentations of CalSPAC training modules to your Home League, your Home League committee work, and/or as part of CalSPAC Subcommittee activities.


Module 1: CalSPAC Overview

Module 2: Legislative Process Overview


Module 3: Home League Advocacy 

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