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There Ought to Be a Law (TOBAL) 

In an effort to engage home League members, educate them in the advocacy process, and to generate ideas for possible sponsored legislation, Junior and Senior Delegates may conduct a “There Ought to be a Law” contest at their home Leagues. This contest or idea drive is typically conducted in the fall/winter time frame. Ideas may come from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, active members, sustainer members, provisional members, community project partners, friends, family, legislators, etc.


Delegates may submit 2-3 ideas from their home League to the CalSPAC Co-Chairs or Chair designee for consideration by the delegation. The ideas should be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the Winter Conference, or as requested by the CalSPAC Co-Chairs. The CalSPAC Co-Chairs shall disseminate “There Ought To Be A Law” ideas to the Chair of the appropriate policy Subcommittee. The delegation may also select ideas to document in the annual “There Ought To Be A Law” inventory. These shall be referenced in future years, and may be provided to legislators during legislative visits.

CalSPAC Delegates working together in a meeting
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