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Senate Bill 848 - Calls to Action

CalSPAC is pleased to announce that California Senate Bill 848 ​, "Employment: leave for reproductive loss", has passed both the Senate and the Assembly and is now headed to Governor Newsom’s desk. We thank you so much for your engagement and support throughout this legislative session, but we still need your help during this last, crucial step!


1) Send a Request for Signature letter to the Governor

We are requesting letters from interested organizations and individuals impacted by a reproductive loss event, defined as a failed adoption, failed surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or an unsuccessful assisted reproduction. 


Please send a letter to Governor Newsom by Monday October 2nd, asking for his signature on SB 848, by following these steps:

  1.  Find the letter template below to be adapted and sent as a Request for Signature letter to the Governor. 

  2.  In the letter template, please edit to reflect the correct date, your organization’s letterhead, your organization’s name, and signature line and title. If you are not associated with an organization, you are welcome to send these letters as an individual citizen. The entries to be adapted have been highlighted, but please remove the highlighting on your final letter. 

  3.  Save the letter file name as “SB 848 - Request for Signature” and save as a .pdf file. 

  4.  Address the email to and please cc and 

  5.  In the email subject line, please write “SB 848 - Request for Signature”.

  6.  In the body of the email, please write: "Please find the attached Request for Signature letter to Governor Newsom for SB 848 - Employment: leave for reproductive loss.”

  7.  Attach the .pdf of your letter and send your email.


SB 848 Request for Governor Newsom Signature Letter (Template) - pdf

SB 848 Request for Governor Newsom Signature Letter (Template) - doc

2) Post to social to alert the Governor's office and the media

The Governor's staff routinely check social media and they need to know how important SB 848 is to everyday Californians. Please copy and paste the following text and the graphic below and post to your favorite social media channel(s).


*Please repost or share and make public!*
Maybe it’s happened to you, a friend, or a loved one. Or maybe you want to start a family someday.
SB 848 protects jobs for grieving families who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, failed adoption, failed surrogacy, or an unsuccessful assisted reproduction.
Let Governor Newsom know that you care about hardworking Californians AND their families— tell him to sign SB 848!
#SB848 #CALeg #CalSPAC #JuniorLeague @GovernorNewsom













Thank you so much for supporting CalSPAC as we advocate for hardworking Californians and their families!

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