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Why CalSPAC?

To most Junior League members, CalSPAC stands for California State Public Affairs Committee. To those who have served as a CalSPAC Delegate, CalSPAC stands for one of the Junior Leagues best kept secrets.

Skills Developed Through CalSPAC Participation

  • Ability to understand and influence the legislative process through advocacy efforts to benefit our communities and support our Junior League projects

  • Public policy awareness

  • Planning and implementation of a process for change

  • Understanding of state concerns and how they impact individual Junior Leagues

  • Strategic planning

  • Collaboration, networking, compromise, and negotiation

  • Public speaking

  • Group facilitation

  • Communication and making contacts

  • Persuasion, debate, questioning, clarifying, summarizing, research and writing

  • Leadership

  • Advocacy and presentation before members of the legislature

Possible Roles After CalSPAC

  • Community Council VP

  • Advocacy Chair

  • Strategic Planning Chair

  • Junior League Board Member

  • Junior League President

  • AJLI Leadership

  • Local Task Force Member

  • State Commission Appointee

  • Community Coalition Leader

Money spent for CalSPAC training has been used to develop women who bring back a wealth of valuable skills to their communities and Junior Leagues.

Adapted from The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI)

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